We have been writing software for retailers since 1984. Our aim has always been to help our customers to run a better and more profitable business. To do this, we have listened to their ideas and developed our products to give them the tools they asked for. Our software does a lot more than just scan barcodes.
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  • SPEDI software can benefit your
    business in many ways…

    • Save time and effort for staff and management.
    • Improve your margins with accurate pricing.
    • Show you how your business is doing, and where it can be improved.
    • Make it easy to set up the promotions suggested by your wholesaler.
    • Enhance your image and speed up customer flow.
    • Increase security and reduce waste.
    • Manage a chain of stores, reducing work and improving control.
    • Plus much more!!

    We use the latest developments in computing to give you the best tools. The next few years will be exciting, and we shall help you to benefit from new technologies including the cloud, tablets, mobile phone vouchers, click and collect web sites. However, we shall support the devices that you have already bought for as long as we can.

    We sell to stores through dealers, so that you get the benefits of local service and support backed by our extensive expertise. Our dealer will help you to select the system that is right for you and will give you the greatest benefit.

    For larger companies and those with special needs, we develop bespoke software, and we have built many long term relationships with major companies. Our clients have included Londis, Costcutter, Grand Metropolitan, Allied Domecq, Body Shock.

    We will help you to increase your turnover, improve your image, reduce costs, and most of all sell more profitably.

    Our customers have experienced improvements in store profit of around 2% to 3% of turnover.

    We can do this for you!

  • PoS - Point of Sale
    • Diary function to remind staff of regular tasks and to record when they have been performed.
    • Detailed Z readings and audit trail for security purposes.
    • 'Hotkeys' for non barcoded products.
    • Automatic age check and refusal log ... and the system even knows the age of the till operator.
    • Advertising screens to highlight in-store promotions or possible extra revenue if you display 3rd party adverts.
    • Gallery pages to graphically display and provide easy access to popular products that have difficult to scan barcodes.
    • 3D interactive buttons to improve user experience.

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      An invaluable tool in the smooth running of your shop SPEDI Maintain also offers:
    • Ability to communicate electronically with most major suppliers, automatically keeping prices and product lists up-to-date.
    • Wholesaler's promotion file download, so easy to identify and run promotions, to get customers to keep visiting your store on a regular basis.
    • Easy to identify products, which are not making the right contribution to your business and correct their price, or even de-list lines that just aren't selling.
    • Help creating suppliers' orders using stock and/or sales figures, which are then sent electronically, and receive delivery notes to help book in stock and identify substitutions on morning delivery.
    • Many reports inlcluding: Best and Worst sellers; Over and Under Stocks; High and Low Margins; giving you figures to base important decisions on!

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      An invaluable tool in the smooth running of your shop SPEDI Control also offers:
    • Even the smallest shop can benefit from a scanning system and just think... no more price labelling of indivual products, yet every product is sold at the price you want.
    • Electronic product files available from most major suppliers, meaning it's simple to keep product and price files up-to-date.
    • Help creating suppliers' orders using sales figures, which can then be sent electronically, and receive delivery notes to help book in stock and identify substitutions.
    • Easy setup of Mix & Match or Bulk Buy offers, which together with promotions set by your wholesaler will keep shoppers visiting your store.

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      An invaluable tool in the smooth running of your shop SPEDI Echange also offers:
    • Flexible control of branch options to add or price products and ranges.
    • Different pricing schemes including promotions, such as Mix and Match for shops in different areas, so profits can be maximised depending on the local competition.
    • Option to move stock between shops so you can get the benefit from bulk buying.
    • Reports available for all branches or specific selected shops for the period of time you choose.
    • Allows more time for trading and less in administration, saving management time and effort.
    • Improves operator control and reduces errors in the branches.

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    News Rack
      An invaluable tool in getting paper's barcodes and prices to the tills, SPEDI NewsRack key features are:
    • Electronic delivery notes from news wholesalers, which automatically update stock levels and send barcodes and prices to the tills.
    • Reminders for when unsold magazines are to be returned and say how many copies you are looking for.
    • Diary function, so regular events can be setup to give a reminder when a task is due.
    • Function to check invoices and credit notes from wholesalers, which will simplify checking your news bills.

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    News Round
      An invaluable tool in the smooth running of your shop SPEDI NewsRound also offers:
    • Records holiday 'stop' and 'start' dates and logs what the customer wants done with any magazines they'll miss.
    • Easy delivery round creation with a list of streets, so papers can be given to the right person. Round sheets are produced either daily or weekly.
    • Easy and accurate control of Customer Vouchers.
    • Customer account produced on paper, or there's an Email facility allowing paperless billing, and reminders can be sent by text when an account is overdue.
    • Includes facility to control sub-wholesaling and/or hotel billing.

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